December-2011, Ratinale
Mique Bone delivered several scores for the communal supported film project “Ratinale. Johannes Maas, Nico Sonaro and the actor, screen play author and director Kört welcome Mique Bone to the film-premiere at the cinema Ratingen in November 9th, 2011.

November-2011, Crime Horror
Welcome to the world of the apocalypse. This album is like a diary of a serial killer: a callous thriller-trip: effective up until the last second!

June-2011, Crime Shocker
This Album is a hint harder than the previous ones of the crime series. No wonder, because not only the crimes are more shocking, they are also less solvable. These kinds of crime require special music which backs up all evidence in order to catch the perpetrator!

January-2011, Crime Report
A scene of crime injection from the perspective of the murderer, investigator and the victim! An album to fear and to learn what fear is!

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