he is also known as the sound mechanic

Mique Bone is your music production expert

Since 1999, Mique Bone has been working as a studio musician and has recorded countless CD productions. Then his big break finally came. He played his guitar for the ZDF production "Der Fluch des Indianergoldes" (The Curse of the Indians’ gold), from the TV series "Jäger verlorener Schätze" (hidden treasure hunters). Since then, he has continued to build upon this success in producing music for the film industry.

Composing for movies and TV

While performing as a live musician, Mique Bone met the journalist and movie producer Andreas Keuntje – himself a successful musician. They clicked right away. Professional collaborations ensued combined with loads of fun: "Leathery schnitzels hot off the grill in the middle of the Ruhr region". Add two unusual musicians into the mix…
It followed that, two specialists with plenty of passion had found each other and the first compositions were created for RTL and VOX.

Live musician, singer, guitarist

Since 1986, Mique Bone, the guitarist and singer, has been performing on stage. Over the course of his career as an international performer, he has played a diverse range of musical styles with the most varied line-ups: Irish folk, blues, rock, oldies, chill and lounge, reggae, beat, southern rock, country, jazz etc.
Mique Bone has performed alongside artists, from no-name to big-name, who each gave him some wisdom for the road.

Mique Bone - Musician, Composer, Producer

„Musical diversity
paired with a little lunacy
opens up infinite possibilities
when creating music”.