Scores for motion pictures, documentaries, image films, corporate films, trailers, advertising…

Exclusive music composition for film

Well-composed film scores, distinguish themselves by supporting individual scenes or by actually intensifying them. Mique Bone is a sounding board for film writers and producers alike. As a musical professional, he offers support in selecting the right music style or turning your ideas into reality. Send us a short message and Mique Bone will contact you.

Final production: mixing, mastering, editing

All musical productions undergo professional high-end mixing and subsequently mastering. The music length, scene changes, dramaturgy etc. are reviewed carefully with the customer, in order to meet their unique needs.
Our high-end sound partner is the renowned sound-engineer Carsten Bunse, from Studio 42.

Using existing music

Upon request, you can gain personal access to our databank. There you will already find more than 600 minutes of available music in various styles. Mique Bone will gladly help you select the right sound for your project. Also, all compositions can be tailored to meet your wishes and specifications.

Film scores at their best:

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